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Cosplay4 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  New member
tell vampiry to unblock me.  winning an argument about censorship by censoring someone seems counterproductive right? 

hey vamp, i see you down there.  blocking someone isn't cool.  that's pretty much admitting you don't want to see other perspectives, especially if they run directly contrary to yours. don't be afraid to continue the discussion.  i promise I'll go easy on you.. 
TheonenamedA Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Student General Artist
That's up to her if she wants to block you, and honestly I'd rather we have this discussion off her work so we don't derail her comments. She's done talking to you and the other guy. Because honestly, are either of us really going to change our opinions on this matter? Probably not.

So if you want to say something say it here.
Cosplay4 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  New member
It's pretty obvious people can post whatever kind of "art" they want on here, and considering i don't have an option to block certain disgusting categories of art, id say i'm free to post whatever comment I want.

Homosexuality isn't native to the Tolkien universe, ie vampiry is just using it to expand her audience.  Or using it as a conduit for her twisted inner fetishes.  Either way, it doesn't belong.  Don't back up someone like this.  There's right and wrong, and it treads on the VERY side of wrong.  I'll say something, and i'll continue to say something. 

You wouldn't post a picture portraying a child molester, right?  And if you did, I'd hope to never see it in any of my Tolkien groups.  And why?

1. Because its disturbing (to those who don't molest, obviously).
2. It doesn't fit in anywhere with Tolkien literature.

All's I'm asking is this type of art be kept in its own categories, its own "domain" so to speak.  This "theme" of art is incredibly distasteful and revolting to lots of people, and just because it's more common nowadays doesn't mean we want to see it mixed in with our day-to-day lives; ie my Tolkien groups I frequent every day. 

Gun-crimes have been extremely common in some parts of my state recently.  Does this make it "acceptable"?  Well, no, because lots of us still think gun-crimes are a terrible thing.  Don't confuse "common" with "accepted", please.  Violence is present in a super high percentage of media, video games, news, etc.  This doesn't make it an "accepted" lifestyle.  It's just another "theme" associated with humanity.  It's also a common theme in Tolkien literature; so art depicting a big battle in my Tolkien groups would be fine, and welcome.

I'm happy you found yourself an "alternate" lifestyle that works for you, and makes you happy.  I wish everybody on earth could find that kind of happiness, because it would change the world! 

But don't force it on other people, don't mix it with other topics, don't expect the world to bend to your "preferences".  Keep it to yourself.
TheonenamedA Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Student General Artist
I'll start off by saying in regards to your "common" vs "acceptable" paragraph, my intent was to say "gay people are becoming more commonly accepted", it was my mistake for mixing up my language.

Now homosexuality isn't in Tolkien's works but that doesn't change the fact that people like to explore other scenarios using Tolkien's world.  It's not because we hate or don't respect the original canon, we're just having fun with the characters we love in a world we enjoy.  I'm not going to lie, some people like myself do use these to explore fetishes and other things we're interested in.  It's all for fun, lighten up.  It's also not something people just do with gay couples, there's a lot of straight and canonical pairings that are drawn to specific fetishes too.

And to comparing homosexuality to child molestation is just completely incorrect.  For one thing there's a big difference between two, consenting adults who are in love and an adult taking advantage of a child who does not know any better.  There's a reason why gay pictures are allowed in the Tolkien clubs but images of pedophilia aren't, because having sex with a child is wrong.  Gay people love their significant others the same way straight people do, what's wrong about finding someone who understands and cares about you and you feel the same way about them?

I'm just going to straight up say that I too draw gay Tolkien art, and I'll keep continuing to support my friend because what she and I and many other people choose to draw is our choice as artists.  We don't draw it for fame, we do it because it's something we enjoy and we post online for other people who also enjoy it because guess what there are other people in the Tolkien club that do enjoy it.  We're not forcing you to look at our work nor are we forcing you to bend to our beliefs.  It's the internet, you can always just ignore it.

If it's something that oh so desperately troubles you then take it up with the club moderators.  They're the ones that have to approve of our work being in their galleries in the first place, we just submit our stuff and see if they allow it.  If you don't want to see it in your inbox go follow another group that caters to your needs or make it yourself.
vampiry Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't believe I didn't follow you..... I thought I have =.=!
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